League Training Squad 19th June
Please be strapped and ready to train at 6pm
Colts players in squad only to train at 6pm with the league

Tom Peake
Lachie Gedge
Jordan Giudicatti
Zac Fuller
David Carruthers
Aaron Cox
Phil John
Mac Turner
Jess Stewart
Dean Barone
Jaxon Turley
Mark Gannaway
Ash Sbizzirri
Fraser MacDougall
Jack Drennan
Matt Ahsiu
Barry Barone
Matt Pearce
Ernie Hull
Ryan Cox
Steve McGuire
Harry Kenny
Jack Wright
Alex Newton
Jarred Calton
Ben Roche
ark Hocek
Mark Turner
Jake Laycock
Corey Martin
Paul Staite

Cheers Dizz

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