To all attending players for the 2019 season,

 The coaching staff have decided to have 2 “ lighter training runs” prior to Xmas with the dates being Wednesday 12th and Monday 17th December commencing at 6pm and concluding at approx 7.15pm.

 The whole idea around holding the 2 sessions before Xmas is for all (including the coaching and fitness staff) to have the opportunity to trial a new pre-season process and to iron out any bugs and get used to it, so when we commence full scale training on the 16th January 2019 we are ready to go right from the start.

 Your commitment to these 2 sessions will be a sign for things to come in 2019 and a chance to further bond with new and current players.

 More will be discussed at our get together on Dec 9th so look forward to seeing you all then.


The Coaches  (Diz/Craig/Baz/Glenn)


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