Now that we are getting closer to the start of the season, and you have all started building a greater fitness base I have decided to provide you with an optional third running session per week to do in your own time. This session will be enormously beneficial to your fitness, and will not take you long (maximum 20 minutes) or be overly strenuous. I recommend that you do this on a Saturday, or a Sunday to allow maximum recovery time. I will update these times, and what i suggest you do in a few weeks time.

Session details:

1 set of 4 x 500m runs.

To determine what time you should be aiming to run in, and the subsequent rest/recovery time simply find your 2km time and match it with the work and rest times to the right. Players who ran in over 8.30 minutes should be aiming to run in the 8.30 times.

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